"I can feel myself under the gaze of someone whose eyes I do not see, not even discern."  
- Jacques Lacan, Seminar One

Falk presents a series of handmade sculptural objects, SUNGLASSES FOR THE FACE, which are designed to obscure the features of one’s face, and therefore, the identity and ego (self) of the wearer. They serve to defend against a "double gaze"; the nonspecific, generalized gaze of the other and the self-conscious, inward directed gaze of the ideal-ego (one’s image of their perfect self) as defined by Freud and Lacan. 

In this work, Falk proposes that within the face lies the heart of the ego: “The face, due to its’ expressive nature, allows others to not only identify and categorize who we are, but also to access information about what we are thinking and feeling at all times. Removing these elements provides a sort of freedom that has become increasingly unattainable in our Facebook-centric age, an age in which people have internalized the logic of the surveillance state and are eager to open their lives for the inspection of others. The SUNGLASSES FOR THE FACE short-circuit the co-symmetry of the face-to-face encounter; the wearer becomes a cipher and their mood, their status becomes unknowable. These objects, which mask identity and expression, reclaim both the private physical and emotional spaces of the individual."

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