DE-INHIBITIONATORS is a large-scale public performance art piece by artist and 2010-2011 Franklin Furnace Fundwinner Arielle Falk. Performers will inhabit 6 differently colored and sized upright, rectangular, wheeled, wooden structures/sculptures, or DE-INHIBITIONATORS, and walk them around during the day in Union Square Park. The structures will cover the occupants from head to toe yet still allow them to see (through special privacy screens) and move about, experiencing the surrounding public space privately and anonymously, free from binding elements such as the ego, the physical self, and the gaze of the other, while creating a random dance of these unexpected sculptures in the park/cityscape. 

The goal of this project is to provoke reflection on the consumer driven nature of our culture. DE-INHIBITIONATORS is a response to the prevailing ideology that instructs us that to live is to acquire and that modern identity - the Curated Self - is almost entirely assembled through the act of consumption.  By reducing the identity of the inhabitant to that of an anonymous, genderless entity, devoid of any indicator of class or status, these structures playfully allude to a state of mind in which all are equal and force us to consider the ways in which our excessive consumer habits numb and inhibit us on both an individual and societal level. It is Falk’s hope that DE-INHIBITIONATORS will inspire viewers to look past their own carefully assembled identities, past the commodification of the self (via shopping, Facebook etc.) and to refocus on thinking about more authentic kinds of community for the 21st century.

Interactive on many levels, DE-INHIBITIONATORS requires participation from not only the volunteers occupying the structures, but also the passersby, the general public, who by moving through the park alongside the gliding sculptures will become both audience and part of the performance. The physical landscape of Union Square, a park as well as a major shopping destination, is also a vital interactive component both conceptually and visually. By freeing their inhabitants from their constructed identities, as well as by simply existing as a free public art piece, the DE-INHIBITIONATORS will actively challenge the surrounding consumerist environment, while at the same time, their colors and shapes will constantly interact with those of the natural and man made landscape.

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