IDLE IN IDYLL is an endurance-based performance piece that changes shape throughout the week of the fair. To examine the experience of being trapped between fantasy and reality, Falk will stand behind a semi-transparent screen printed with an image of a tropical beach scene–a universal symbol of fantasy–in order to create a 2D tableau vivant. Falk will hold a different pose every day for two hours. In this way, she will literally project herself into a fantasy as a motionless shadow of herself, unable to fully interact with the colorful paradise on the opposite side. As important as the shadow image projected onto the screen is the exhausting act that will be visible behind it. The effort it takes to stay frozen ‘in fantasy’ causes pain in reality, as fantasy can only occur at the expense of reality.

By using a beach image while the actual beach is within view, Falk posits that part of the burden of living in fantasy is being unable to appreciate the beauty of one’s own real surroundings. As the natural light gradually darkens each evening, so does the strength and clarity of the shadow. Seeing fantasy as a type of obsession, Falk creates a psychological ritual that she steps into night after night, but her efforts are never rewarded, no matter what she tries.
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